Sunday, March 14, 2010

fashion, put it all on me

Yesterday, was the 26th annual Cornell Design League fashion show. I walked for a first year designer and a fourth year designer. First years are allowed one piece in the show while fourth years can have a full line of up to eleven pieces. Designers who submit to CDL design and typically sew their pieces with no outside help (there were a few collaborations), which takes months and months. Some of the final products were truly amazing. I was really honored that Matt and Emily, a first and a fourth year respectively, asked me to model for them. They're both so talented and I can't wait to see what they come up with in the future!

Totemic by John Sohn
Cinder by Maylian Luo
Fancy Free by Emily Farina
Detailed shot of what I wore -- cropped silk floral top with a white feather skirt.
Shoes by Emily Farina.
Wearing a design by Matt Gottesman (left.)
Pictures from the earlier parts of the show haven't come out yet and I only have this shot from backstage. Matt went all out and made three pieces (high waist shorts, a beautiful blouse, and a coat) and I, along with a lot of his fellow fashion majors, honestly think he is one of the most talented designers in his year. Coming up with and executing this (he spent so much time sewing) took so much effort but everything ended up looking stunning and professionally made. More pictures to come!