Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i've never wanted ACNE more desperately.

ACNE Atacoma Gray (SS10) and Admire
Obsessed. Unfortunately, still under a self-imposed shoe ban until winter (really just holding out for some of the boots in the Burberry Prorsum FW 10/11 and the heels in McQueen's final collection) so these are most likely never going to make their way into my closet.

Spent the day shopping for anything rustic, sheer, lacy, and nude (think Chanel SS10) -- traipsed from the Upper East Side through Nolita and everywhere around Soho before winding back up to Union Square to hop on the train and head home, a mess of bags and frizzy hair.

Realized the other night that I only have a little over a week left before I head back up so I need to mentally prepare myself for months of separation anxiety from Manhattan. As much as I love Cornell, it's a huge change of pace. Ithaca is a bubble; it's so isolated. Definitely an interesting experience for college, but I'm not sure I'd ever be able to permanently live somewhere like that.

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  1. Love this post - especially the title. I also have never wanted acne more desperately!

    Great blog!


    ps: i'm now a follower of yours, hope you can be one of mine!