Thursday, July 21, 2011

the collectibles

Gorgeous shoes from Penelope and Coco's Collectibles collection
Just discovered Penelope and Coco - Marisa Spinella is a genius. From her website:
On a pursuit to seek the principal spirit behind her style, Marisa Spinella approached her two alter egos. She faultlessly braided these confidants into eccentric characters to bear the journey of Penelope and Coco.
Two vivacious, unique personas intertwined to actualize the life of her own...
Penelope is a dainty, classic, vintage lover. She discovers the beauty in odd belongings, applies red lipstick without a pause and is guided by the old hollywood glamour of miss Rita Hayworth.
Coco is bold, complicated and risqué. Her sexual energy and eccentric mystique has all eyes on her, regardless of location. A woman with no strings attached, Coco connects the two personalities by blending her animated emotions with the delicacy and alluring manner of Miss Penelope .

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  1. cool shoes label - i didn't know that. my favourite are the studded boots!!

    kisses juli