Thursday, July 21, 2011

winter wonderment

Styling Rachel Thevenard and James Newman
As part of a prize package for winning a x MTV style contest this past winter, Adilla Menayang of Chicago and I got to style members of the Skins US cast for their premiere party featuring Rusko.

Adilla and I met and spent some time with the cast and their families in the Soho Grand's penthouse suite after pulling clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. from sites all over the city before heading over to the premiere party. Overall, it was an exciting but exhausting experience -- more photos to follow once I get my life in order. Just over two weeks until I fly out to Palm Beach!


  1. neat! congrats on winning :) I should snoop your lookbook to see which outfit you won with, haha

    but it's funny how I knew that that was the Skins US cast before I read your post : P I personally loved Skins UK a lot more, but the characters from MTV's version are still endearing. They were by the same producer, so I'm surprised how much both deviated from each other... I guess it goes to show how different the UK and US audience is, haha

    x Zuga

  2. I loved Skins UK but I never actually got started with Skins US! Were they different? I watched the trailer, but it looked almost like a scene-by-scene remake.

    xx Levina